How To Waste Time Properly

With all this free time I'm startled at how confused one could get when at a point you barely managed to cut your toe nails and suddenly you're set loose. Released from the grip of a crowded 10 am to the even more crowded and tiring 7 pm  8 pm. Freshly out of a workplace & believe me it feels liberating. So much so that it leaves you confused what to do with all the free time on hands.

So here were my options, I thought.

a. Lie on the couch at 2 pm watching TV.
b. Get married to the laptop.
c. Paint.
d. Shop.
e. Attend weddings.
d. Try Quilling.
e. Paint on a bigger canvas.

Except for the Quilling part, I think I'm doing a good job here :) Although I'm a little disappointed at how my little break from work isn't appreciated by the working class. Or so I call them now. I do not have any financial commitments just yet, fortunately. I have no loans to repay nor do I have the pressure to pay the electricity bills. Besides, it's a break & not a retirement! So no justifications needed, I believe. I, from the bottom of my heart, look down upon the ones who find such sabbaticals meaningless.

Epiphany isn't something we discuss very often now, do we?

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