It is. I hope.

Is it normal? Wanting to go in the mountains all alone?
Switch your cell phone off and just walk. Alone. Is it normal? 
Wanting to quit your job and just learn something new. 
And then worry about not getting paid? 
Is it normal to have a thousand awesome thoughts and not executing even a single one? 
Is it, then, normal to imagine that one of those awesome thoughts have materialised & get back to your real-time normal self? 
Is it normal?

Look Maa..Tomatoes!

There really is something about home-grown vegetables. Firstly, you don't feel like eating them :D And secondly, the fingers don't stop clicking them. My first set of tomatoes, almost ripe! Woohoo!!

Not done with the clay yet ^_^

Hand-built Clay box, vases & cylinders. Eagerly awaiting to see what it looks like post glazing and firing.

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