A day well spent

Nothing, I mean, absolutely nothing can beat this home-made wine cake by one of my best friends. Feels good when someone bakes especially for you :) Thanks Krithika! 

And later that evening..

After the full-of-calorie muffin..THIS! :P

Acrylic on Canvas

My last painting had 3 flowers in it and so does this one. Now this was a pure coincidence (so far), but I guess I'll have them in my next as well. A new set in every painting. YeaahhH!
                                                                     Cala lilies-Check
Tulips- Check
Frangipani- :)

Two Thousand Twelve

A wonderful start to the new year. An unplanned visit to Sula Vineyard and an evening filled with great great food, friends & the winter chill. Puuuurrrfect! 

The balcony-bar

..overlooks the gorgeous vineyard spread over 1500 acres

...I'm still not over that piece of gorgeousness. Having given a presentation back in my B-School on the founder Rajeev Samant it was even more interesting to see what the man has made out of a barren land. 

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