Clay Lau

There has been a lot happening lately. So much that the acrylics and the canvas has taken a comfortable back-seat for some time now. And you won't hear me complaining!

So what's new?

OOooo now where do I begin from.Well, this started out of a phase I and a friend of mine were going through i-wanna-do-something-awesome-but-i-have-no-effing-idea-what.

So after a week long research on the internet and a couple of phone calls later, from ruling out kathak to cocktail-making we landed here! AHM Ceramics. (till date I don't know what ahm stands for). I will eventually though :D

Here's something I recently made. A box. Very much functional. Just hoping and praying it comes out safe after it is fired. Because from what we have been told, one should never have high hopes. One nasty air bubble in there & c-r-a-c-k goes the hard work :'(

And it gets better when you have company. I can't take credit for the snake bowl by Swadi (yes, those are snakes on top) and the little cute one in the front by Tweety.

The not-so-happy-feet post the sessions

More to come in the coming weeks. Though I admit I crib a little sometimes because I have, sort of, ruined my weekend sleep and I travel farther than what I do for my job on weekdays. But its clay we're talking about, and you can't stay mad at them for too long, can you? 

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