A deactivated facebook account and its after-effects

Wtf y wat happ? r u goin crazy?? u r weird man”
“u were addicted..accept the fact ;)”
“yeah I understand..life has become SO mechanical with fb n all yaa”
“arre your profile was my sole entertainment..you have some responsiblities” and
“stop doing break-up stuff”
..among the many others.
Believe me it’s just not easy convincing people that you deactivated your facebook profile jlt. With your life absolutely normal, no drama, no break-up stories, no suicide attempts involved. Tough! Very. And well, just like that is a good enough reason now, ain’t it :)
Now for the curious ones..No, it’s really not all that tough to sacrifice your account under that lame reason (for everybody who actually believed it) only until you’re messaged by a friend asking you to checkout a certain hilarious status and the comments following thereafter or wanting you to comment on a new (hot) display picture. After a very short explanation why you can’t do just that, accompanied by a smiley, follows the expected why’s and why- the-hell’s. Tough!
On the other hand, while a person is still trying hard to not think about the deactivated things in life, facebook screams for attention..and how! ‘Facebook Mobile’ strangely still works. For good or bad nobody knows. But COME ON now!! My profile is supposed to be deactivated. D E A C T I V A T E D. If only they knew what that meant because a message on my cell that remotely says “Gallery BMB is looking for artist assistants ..” isn’t very easy to ignore, u know :\
But life, as we know it, gets easier to deal with when you decide you don’t care. And THAT is exactly what makes it so tough. Very!


As I type this into Google I realise its either me who has a big one (an ego), or the one on my mind right now, who has a bigger one; for the fact that I typed THAT into Google to know what it actually means. Yes, I could act jobless at times. Anyway, so Google says Ego is “an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others” and/or “your consciousness of your own identity”. For reasons known only to me, I’d want to buy the latter of the two.

Cool! So ‘my consciousness of my own identity’ is what it is. And all this while I thought it was a friendship gone bad because I had nothing in common to talk about any longer & because the ‘friend’ had other she-priorities in life. Silly me!

Now, coming to think of it, why did my consciousness suddenly creep in after more than 8 odd years of ..umm.. ‘the-state-of-being-friends (or friendly)’?? Well, knowing that I’ve been back-bitten for the most outrageous, 5-years-old-ly reason was too much for me to take. Now THIS could be my “inflated” feeling of pride because Dude! You seriously need to grow up..and fast!

Today, knowing the existence of the oh-so-many possibilities of being back-bitten yet again I give a – (Beeeeep)! Because self-respect is something I’m never planning to lose! Not even to you..

And now, having written all that, I’m sure I’m going to think a million times before posting this piece :\

Ahh well, the Bitch-part of my brain does seem to have won the brawl against the Good-part ;)

FYI my life just got better..

Happy Reading!

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