Work Diary

Being in the profession of marketing, I deal with an unimaginable number of people every day. Not that I’m complaining; but it’s just not very healthy for someone who could spend hours without talking to anyone, sitting by the window at home doing nothing.

I miss the window though. Very badly. And the evening cup of chai. And the TV. Oh, and the couch!! *Sigh*

But it’s not as bad as it sounds. In fact, it’s a lot like blind-dating. My profession. The client, however, is the other blind-half in this case. 20 mails and 51 telephonic conversations later comes the big meet. Taadaa!

Amazes me how much the two resemble.

The first look at the client you have been talking to for ages and having mentally guessed his age, the thoughts start sounding something like ”..cute! ..just a few years older than me.. :)”  Payoff! *Grins*

Now the meeting begins and you’d want everything perfect (in this case the presentation), would want to make that lasting impression knowing he has the currency to spend and help you achieve your sales target. All decked up, best of the words showered and that painful jaw-breaking smile. Usually works.

Besides, there’s a wide and ever-increasing variety of clients- the never-smiling ones, the always-laughing ones- joke or no joke..irrespective, the busy ones, the question banks, the I’ll-ask-my-boss ones and the flirtatious lot (just to bridge the whatever little differences the two had).

The flirting client, being the creepiest of all hits your moral side hard. Should you flirt back or risk losing a client?! To my relief it’s not very open yet. It’s all very subtle, yet very strong. Wonderfully discrete. Like Carrie Bradshaw of SATC fame rightly points out, a third person would never really know what’s going on between the two individuals. These vibes, the interest, the respect (if exists) can all be sensed; and we don’t need Hogwarts to train us here.
Solution? You could always act dumb and laugh off as he stares at you or act like the other busy clients and leave. Simple.

The hardest to deal with are the Question Banks. The inquisitive ones. They have doubts about every word that you utter and have their eyes of suspicion on you..always. Just like your over-possessive ex-boyfriend. These are the kind of clients every boss would love to hire. Nothing less than perfection.

My favourite of all, however, is the ‘always-laughing one’- the round bellied old man. The bald patch and the glasses remind me of my long forgotten uncle. They treat you like their daughters, asking you about your career and your job. Sweet. Long live such clients!

But there had been times when I was terrified of meetings and cursed my job. I hated the travelling! But then, the money-carrying blind-half won’t show the generosity to drop in at your workplace just because you hate travelling. He needs you, true. But you need him more. Fair :\

Today, 3 months into this madness and my discovery of newer genres continue..

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