Define: Happiness

Define: Happiness. 'The state of being happy'. 

Okay, then Define: Happy. 'Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment'.

Contentment. We often use the word 'content' when we're satisfied with our life, food, job or sex life. I know not much about life and wouldn't act smart and say I know all about food and keeping the sex life private I say I know what a contentful job means. It means not having to pretend you enjoy it when you don't. It also means that just may be it doesn't really need you to be a post grad to do this job. And that a fairly decent amount of online browsing and a presence of mind can get you a job in the industry I work in. But does it? Hell no!

We like the corporate s**t. we like it when someone gives out their business card with both their hands like its the holy water from the Ganges and a slight bow to show your innermost respect come out to give someone your business card (your own Business card, mind it!). Sanskar, you see. We like it. 

We like when you say 'it was a pleasure meeting you today' even when both of us know it was nowhere close to a pleasure. We scathingly review these sanskars you carry from your B-schools and your ability to make simple things complex and hire you. You know you've cracked the interview when you don't know what you're talking about yet you make sure you speak impeccably well and talk like its your business, like you know what you're talking about. There lies the key. 

Why did you leave your last job, they ask. To grow and explore greater challenges, you say. Of course now why would you tell them you weren't appraised well last month and that you had the coldest eye-burning look of rage in your eyes every time you saw your boss.
Bad thing. Bad thing. Keep mum. We like that you want to explore greater challenges and grow. 

The reason this post started off with defining happiness is because I know for sure that happiness is not just having the perfect life. Not just having a perfect job or food. You are never going to be content with your salary or your boss or a certain colleague. You may find them incompetent and undeserving. But you know what, that's alright. Look what you can do and do it. Don't like what is happening around you? Quit. Find another job. And yes that's a gamble. The next job, for all you know, could be just as bad as the current one but let's just cut the corporate shit for a day and the world would be a much better place to live in.

Let's not start an email conversation with 'It was a pleasure to meet you' when it was not. And yes, say it was when it was indeed a pleasure to meet someone. Don't say 'It was good to see you today' when it was not. Don't hold your business card like it would split in two if you held it with just one hand. Respect comes from deep deep within and not how you (superficially) hold a card. No. 

Cut the crap. Be Nice. And just be.

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