The million dollar blessing!

I have been meaning to write this for quite some time now but today I absolutely had to.
I’m sure a lot of you have noticed how the transgenders/beggars tend to give you an unsolicited pseudo blessing while you're waiting for the signal to turn green. With the age-old, tried and tested 'tum dono ki jodi salaamat rakhe, do rupay dedo', the real jodis in the vehicle could feel blessed and give out a rupee or two. However, there aren't always the jodis travelling together, are they now? But clearly our roadside blessing-givers pretend to not know that. Every 2 humans together, anytime, anywhere, are a couple for them. A potential rupee bag.

A few months back I & one of my same-sex-friends were blessed with the same brilliant blessing. Yes, shocking as it may sound but according to her(?) we were a couple. We laughed our guts out trying to figure out if she(?) did get the joke. A negative.

Back then it was a friend, someone I could share a monstrous laugh with. Today, however, was the driver! Now, the routine is he first drops my dad and his colleague to work and further drives me to my office. When they get off the car (my dad & his colleague), I never bother taking the back seat. Unnecessary. So, today, this woman knocks the window and there comes the unexpected blessing! At this point I so want to burst out laughing again but try hard not to. I, fortunately, had my headphones on & so it was easier for me to pretend like I didn’t hear a thing. On the other hand, the clearly embarrassed guy started honking *haha*


Be nice. Seriously.

Acrylic on Canvas.
Here comes a quick new update. Nothing that I haven't done before; except for the green eyes. Besides, I've always loved this genre - puppy-cute flowers, dreamy eyes, pink cheeks. SO Greeting-Card-ish!

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