How much art can one fit in on one street?

Kala Ghoda Fest, Mumbai

This was a classic. The man above is only pretending to be asleep without even me asking him to do so. He offered, I obliged :) 
PS- Do not miss the Aviators behind

The artist.

Chai break

Asiatic Library. Not in a very good shape now. Nevertheless, a lovely place to spend the evening.

Prem Joshua and the band, jamming.

There really is something about street fests. They are free, yes! But more importantly, they are open and interactive. Just the way art, in any form, should be.

..and it was a lovely sunset

A beautiful evening indeed

The Mighty Black Horse

Home Tour - I

Today is one of those days of the week when I'm all exhausted, back from work with hardly anytime to catch up with my fellow bloggers. Times like these I choose to escape to my virtual heaven hotspots around the World Wide Web (which, by default, is Munnar, India ). 

Today, though, I happen to come across this absolutely gorgeous & breath-taking home from Barcelona. Yes.. Barcelona is not only about football now, is it? 


Totally digging the bold pink..

..and the Vintage touch.

Refrigerator :)

Image Copyrights Tiktock2u

Wall testing..wall testing..1 2 3

I always wondered how my paintings would look up on the wall.
Not bad, I say :D

The only thing that pricks me here is that the colors in them don't seem to  go quite well with the white-dominated  interiors. What say? 

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