You know you're privileged when.. get to slide your nose against the cold misty window pane get to have a midday nap have your girl gang when you need them or even when you don't ;)

It rains, and how!

I dedicate this to all those who aren't too fond of rain.. like me :)

Walnut cake - The first Attempt

A terrible first attempt i admit *Grins*

Check out this space for the next version.

My evening walk sometimes ends up with this..

For all those who share my love for these yellow-hearted little things called Plumeria aka Frangipani.

My Evenings..

The Grill, Glass Panes, Marble Sill, Resting Arms, A flower pot, A coffee mug, Love In The Time of Cholera, Breeze, 6.00 PM, LIFE!!

5 Things to do when you own a li'l earthen pot

1. Store some water for at least 7 hours and dip your fingers in it. Bliss! ( Of course you don't need to drink that now. Teehee!)

2. Sprinkle some water on the outside when it's TOTALLY dry and smell it. And thats just in case you miss the first rains and the fragrance it gets along with it. (I could die for it. Honest)

3. Paint it!

4. See it getting cracked after the damage you just did, especially if its an un-baked pot.
(Mine was!) *Grins*

5. And finally, now that its broken add some water and try re-building it :)
You'll either end up getting a brand new pot or a feeling of eternal bliss while smashing the pot!

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