And she post-graduates!

She was always told that she’s a person of few words. She, today, makes a correction- She’s a person of few audible words. Lingered less in public..always. But poured out on the last day of her college’s official farewell meet. Virtually of course, she need not mention.

Never was she completely into it. Never was she bothered. Never did she care. 'I don’t belong here' is what she maintained. Perhaps without realizing what she’s about to leave behind her. The 2 years that looked like they’d never end were here before the most emotion-full bunch of classmates. And she says this in a good way. The good emotion which makes you realize how terribly true ‘I miss my college days’ is!

So this one’s for all the 58 similar-emotion-oozing classmates (she being the 59th) Cheers! Nice knowing you guys..

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