The web definition has its own way of making the term look more professional without being 'sensitive' enough towards the person who's being called that.

 The other day I was called insensitive by someone who tags people in only 2 forms - Virgins & non- virgins! I find myself shocked, more so because of the quickness of the things that happened last night. And it only makes me wonder if being an insensitive woman is really such a bad thing.

 I'm a peace loving person and strongly believe in 'What doesn't kill you, makes you strong'. I don't have an opinion about too many things in life. I don't judge. I don't let myself wander on unpleasant incidences for too long. I can laugh it off. You can't make me cry for too long.  I can't stand nonsense for too long, in other words.

If that's insensitive, I'm up for it!

Now, seeing the brighter side of what happened lately, I realise there are more brownie points in store for me than I had expected. Firstly, this was my first ever (major) arguement; and i'm glad it was only through mails because the insensitive girl breaks down when she tries to act strong. It was quite an experience! :D

And secondly, it sort of feels good to know that you no more have to waste your hard earned money messaging and trying to make them feel better over a 10-year-old-like-fight or spend hours consoling someone WHO CALLS ME INSENSITIVE!

I could charge for the amount of advice gone behind this whole drama for over a year! But that's alright. I don't mind helping the poor and the needy.

And as far as my 'sensitivity' goes; I guess one will have to wait for some more decades to see that happen. Yes I will continue to be practical. I will continue to read the other side of the story and not go 'aww' when you give me your shit! I swear I will continue to hate soft toys. 

And if I can take care of myself with all those insensitive emotions, so can you.

Clicks, colours & me..

Water colours. Acrylic paints. Canvas. Rangoli. Diya painting. Pottery. Bombay. Diwali. 

The new look

Okay so here I have my first blog-renovation. And pink was perhaps the last colour on my mind, only because I wanted to keep this space gender-indiscriminate. But what the heck! I like pink. I Love pink!

 I often crib about not having enough time for my blog, for my art. But a full-time job can do wonders. Yes, you heard that right. Firstly, you end up looking busy at work, when only you know that you're changing your blog's font or editing some pictures on Coral Draw for your header image (My work partly involves using coral draw so no one bothers). And secondly, you get paid at the end of the month :)

Now coming back to the humble blog-land, I clearly remember when an old friend from school Ekta suggested that if I'm planning to put up pictures on my blog I need a less distracting background. I agreed. And I, on the other hand, also agree that the pink borders of the current layout screams for attention. But then, the whole point of blogging is to let the world know what's on your mind, share ideas, communicate take time off your work schedule and escape to the holy World Wide Web! This blog makes me want to come back to it everyday. Makes me want to make it look pretty. Not for the visitors, but for myself. And, well, if the visitor has a similar taste *cheers*

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