You're Fired!

The pottery sessions are coming to an end and all I've got is a crazy schedule back at work. No time to update the blog with the pictures of my hard work. No time to even see my own glazed work back in the studio :'( Believe me that's super sadening.

However, this is not what this post is about. No cribbing. *Promise*

The first round of firing has been done and dusted and oh boy! am I happy?! :D :D
Call it my premature happiness or the philosopher in me talking..whatever-happens-happens-blah-bleeh. Irrespective of the glazed version surviving or not, I'm happy now. I'm happy with what I've done with that piece of clay. I'm happy all the train travels on weekends paid off.

Mulga by Tweety, Mulgi by Me 

The Glaze

Swati's Couch Dabba

Swati's & Sweety's. The jinxed long nose had to face a tragic end though.

Sweety's plate.

And the Homework wall :D

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  1. Hey Jyotsna, stumbled upon your blog and hit on this post on my topic of interest ...clay !!!
    I did some pottery myself couple of years ago. I totally get your reason to crib. I too had just finished making these beauties and when it was time to paint/glaze..damn the work was super hectic and could hardly give the needed attention they deserved ! :(
    Anyway...this is therapy and loved your creations and would be interesting to see the final outcome :) On that note, I think i still haven't posted mine yet in 3 yrs :P


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